A Little Bit About Me...

hello I’m Jade, a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, artist, pin and patch maker, fashion lover, book addict and total geek. I'm also a member of the Isle of Man Arts Council and the board of Culture Vannin

I like to design fun things for people including: pins, logos, posters, business cards, packaging, flyers + other bespoke creations. For more info check out my Commissions gallery

When I'm lucky enough to have a bit of free time I also like to draw girls with rainbow pastel hair, pretty clothes + lots of cute tattoos, collectively known as the Candy Doll Club

I live in the Isle of Man, which is a little island in the middle of the Irish Sea right in between England and Ireland.

FAQ - learn a little bit more about me...

What are your favourite colours?
You probably wouldn't think it looking at my artwork but my favourite colours are Red and Black.

How do you create your designs?
I mostly work on Photoshop on my macbook and since mid 2017 I've been drawing almost everything on an iPad pro using apple pencil. I mainly work in Procreate and Adobe Draw.

Is being an artist your real job?
Yes! I've worked freelance as an illustrator and graphic designer since 2009 but for a while I was an assistant librarian at a children's library and I also worked as a retail assistant for a high-street clothing shop. My positions on the Arts Council and Culture Vannin are voluntary so I currently work freelance full time from home as an artist. This means that I spend my time drawing and painting as well as running my online business selling girl gang themed pins, patches and other merchandise featuring my own designs and illustrations - Shop Here

Where did you study?
I always loved art at school (doesn't everyone say that?!) so after high school I enrolled in a two year Art and Design course at the local College in Douglas, Isle of Man. After that I completed a HND in Fine Art and I then graduated in 2013 with a BA in Fine Art from Liverpool John Moores University.

What do you do when you're not drawing?
I spend most of my spare time reading but if my nose isn't stuck in a book you'll probably find me binge-watching shows on Netflix or spending an unhealthy amount of time scrolling through endless streams of content on Instagram or Pinterest.

Do you have any other special skills?
I quit my piano lessons when I grew old enough to realise how terrible i was and i've never really had any unique abilities or skills. However if I set my mind to it I can probably pretty much quote the movies Ghostbusters and The Blues Brothers in their entirety. I studied French, Spanish and a bit of Italian at school and a couple of years ago I started learning Portuguese for fun. in 2015 I was formally diagnosed with Aspergers and autism. I also have ADHD for some added spiciness (because apparently being autistic wasn't enough).

What inspires you?
Popular Culture + pretty much all things super bright, pastel and candy colours and anything sparkly or covered in glitter. I'm a lifelong Art History nerd so I also draw a lot of inspiration from classical art and architecture.

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